Polydye (Pty) LTD

POLYDYE has been established in January 1999. We are a specialized yarn dyeing operation. We pride ourselves with highly sophisticated machinery and technology that sets us apart from any of our competitors. Our integrated process of manufacture ensures that the quality of our products are of the highest standard. Polydye services its customers in accordance to their specifications and requirements delivering the highest quality dyed yarn. Emphasis on quality of our products are not compromised as other manufactures from local and abroad define their business ethics.

Our highly specialized dye house and laboratory is managed by a team of highly skilled and well trained personnel. Our dye vessels are operated via an integrated and technically advanced computer systems and programs. The dye recipes and consumption of raw materials are digitally calculated ensuring the colors of fibers produced meets the master standards of our customers.

Water Recycling Plant RO PlantWe are a certified BEE provider and also certified by Colorband to use Eco-friendly dye's and Rochem, to have an Eco-friendly separation system installed.

Our Purpose

To create a well run family owned business enterprise based on value, quality and service which will be of benefit to both customers, shareholders and staff.

Our definition of quality service includes the following.

  • We will provide quality services and information to always guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Our customers will always be assured of integrity, personal interest and good value for money.
  • We respect and acknowledge the contribution that our staff and suppliers make, thereby providing the quality that we seek to maintain.

Our Goals

  • To exist for our customers - these are the people around whom our business is built. Quality service will be the magnet attracting a growing, loyal customer base.
  • To employ the best people - our staff are our most valued company resource. We will train our people to become customer focused, profit-minded, creative, innovative and responsible.
  • To exist for our shareholders - they require a tight control of our assets and expenses so as to maximise profits and give them competitive returns.

Our Values

  • To strive for excellence in customer service at all times.
  • To create a feeling of belonging by motivating and training a team of people who are the best in what they do.
  • To maximise return on investment for our shareholders.

JMV Textiles is proudly affiliated with Poly Dye, Solar Sport, Ink PE and SMV Trust. This group of highly specialised companies are dominant in the Yarn, Textile and Clothing Industries.